From Hokkaido to Kyushu, and of course in Tokyo too, Sailor Moon has got your anime-inspired cravings covered.

As awesome as Japan’s anime and video-game-themed restaurants are, the downside is that a lot of them are pop-up cafes. That means that not only do you have to be in Japan during the window of time that they’re open, you also have to be in the specific part of Japan where they’re being run.

But if you’re a Sailor Moon fan, you’re in luck, because the most popular magical girl franchise in the history of the genre has not one, but six different cafes that’ll be open concurrently in Japan this autumn. Since this isn’t the first time for Sailor Moon to have its own cafe, there’s even a sub-theme, “Girls Night Out,” a reference to how some of the dishes are only available at dinnertime.

The cafes will be opening in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoka, and Koshigaya (in Saitama Prefecture, Tokyo’s neighbor to the north). Let’s take a look at some of the menu highlights. The Moonlight Risotto is a crescent moon of cheese risotto accompanied by four Inner Sailor Senshi symbol adorned sauces and a side salad.

Each of the five core heroines is also represented in the tortilla wrap plate (which isn’t available at the Saitama branch).

The lunchtime-only Maiden’s Lunch Pancake, with crescent moon and bunny rabbit motifs, is billed as “very healthy,” but does have a few strips of bacon hiding in the back.

Moving on to the dinner-exclusive fare, there’s the Girls Night Out Chicken Steak...

…and the Girls Night Out Lasagna, made with a touch of cinnamon.

Given Sailor Moon’s well-known sweet tooth, of course there are special desserts as well, like the extra-colorful Cosmic Heart Berry Sandwich.

The Haruka and Michiru Night Drive Parfait, with pistachio ice cream and mint gelatin, is a nod to the romantic relationship between Sailors Uranus and Neptune, as well as the former’s love of motor vehicles.

There’s also a selection of single-character parfaits saluting Sailor Moon’s mentor cats.

▼ The Luna Mini Jar Parfait, with vanilla ice cream and grape gelatin

Artemis Mini Jar Parfait (vanilla ice cream and almond tofu)

Diana Mini Jar Parfait (vanilla ice cream and apple gelatin)

The dinnertime-only dessert is the Moon Knight Parfait, inspired by Tuxedo Mask’s Arabian Knights phase…

…and there’s also a recreation of the apple pie seen in Sailor Moon S Episode 18: “Art Is an Explosion of Love!: Chibiusa’s First Love.”

All of the Sailor Senshi (Inner, Outer, and Chibi Moon) all have their own non-alcoholic cocktails too, mostly mixed in their respective image colors.

▼ Sailor Moon (apricot and ginger ale) and Sailor Chibi Moon (strawberry milk)

▼ Sailor Mercury (blue curacao syrup and coconut) and Sailor Mars (cassis and pomegranate)

▼ Sailor Jupiter (mint and lemon) and Sailor Venus (cassis and orange juice)

▼ Sailor Uranus (blue curacao syrup and grape) and Sailor Neptune (blue curacao syrup and mint)

▼ Sailor Pluto (coconut and cola) and Sailor Saturn (grape milk)

Naturally, each cafe will also have an attached gift shop selling exclusive such as notebooks, clear files, smartphone cases, and dishware.

The Sailor Moon Cafe location dates are:
● Tokyo (Shibuya Box Cafe & Space Shibuya 109): October 3-November 17
● Osaka (Abeno Connect): October 3-November 17
● Nagoya (Nagoya Box Cafe & Space): October 10-November 124
● Sapporo (Couch and Four Shinkawadori Cafe Interlude): October 18-November 17
● Fukuoka (Kawara Cafe and Dining Kitte Hakata): October 26-December 1
● Koshigaya (Box Cafe & Space): November 14-Janury 13

Reservations can be made through the Sailor Moon Cafe official website here.

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Featured image: PR Times
Top image: Sailor Moon Cafe official website
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