Multiple Tengas are just part of the high-value package.

As loyal SoraNews24 readers are well aware, Japan kicks off the New Year with “lucky bags,” or fukubukuro, as they’re called in Japanese. These bundles of mystery items are offered by all sorts of prominent Japanese companies, and some of our favorite fukubukuro we’ve bought this year have rewarded us with ramen, beef bowls, and candy.

But what about more carnal appetites? It turns out there’s a fukubukuro for those too.

Japan’s Lammtarra chain is primarily known as a store that sells second-hand DVDs and Blu-rays, but they also deal in CDs, plastic models, and all sorts of other fan-oriented items. We stopped by the Lammtarra branch in Tokyo’s Ueno neighborhood on January 1, and sure enough, they had fukubukuro, priced at a New Year’s-appropriate 2,020 yen (US$19), right at the front of the store.

We picked one up and took it back to SoraNews24 headquarters, where we opened it and discovered a Famicom (NES) clone game console, a wallet with the Marvel logo, some disposable cooling sheets, three novelty pouches patterned after Cup Noodle lids, and a bunch of capsule toy figures.

However, way in the back of the store, Lammtarra was selling a very different kind of fukubukuro, also for 2,020 yen.

When we opened up this bag, we found…

a Blu-ray video for lonely grown-ups, of the kind we can’t show you without some liberal pixelizing of the cover. Digging deeper into the bag, we found another…

…and another.

The adult videos kept coming, until eventually we had 10 titillating titles to choose from for our viewing pleasure.

But Lammtarra’s generosity went beyond providing visual stimulation, as the fukubukuro also contained a pair of Tenga masturbatory aids, in the auspicious red-and-white color scheme used for Japanese New Year’s decorations.

Finally, the bag contained four packets of lotion, which is especially thoughtful considering that winter is the driest season in Japan, and thus the one when hands are most likely to be rough and chapped.

As with many fukubukuro, we can’t really say one way or another if this is a great deal. On the one hand, some of the Blu-rays were nearly ten yeas old, and so they’re past their days of commanding full retail prices. There’s also the fact that the bag only provided four packets of lube for the 10 videos, forcing purchasers to keep their excitement in check for at least 2.5 videos each time, or prioritize their favorite featured ladies.

But on the other hand, you could also argue that 10 videos, and the means to fully enjoy them, for 2,200 yen is a steal, and further proof that Tenga is ready to help people start 2020 off with a bang.

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