Only the brave will take on one of these super garlic dishes!

Japanese fast food chain Sukiya, known for its cheap and tasty beef bowls, is serious about making sure you have the right nutrients and energy to keep you going all throughout the hot summer. That means they’re going to supply you with plenty of garlic, which is traditionally believed to boost stamina in the summer heat. In fact, their upcoming “Triple Ninniku (Garlic) Mix” series has three dishes that are packed with so much garlic that each one comes with a breath freshener on the side!

The gyudon (beef bowl, 580 yen [US$5.52]), Curry bowl (720 yen), and Unagi-don (eel bowl) (990 yen), will each be topped with the most amount of garlic ever used in a Sukiya menu item. Each one comes with garlic cloves fried without batter, garlic chives, and a special garlic spice mix, so they’re sure to pack a ridiculously garlicky punch.

Just by looking at the promotional photo, you can see that ten whole cloves of garlic have been used as a topping on this beef bowl. Honestly, it’s hard to say if this is a beef bowl or a garlic bowl, but what we do know is that it’s sure to destroy our taste buds.

▼ Curry bowl

Of course, you can’t go back to the office after eating one of these, at least not without something to counteract its smell, because you will probably trail a waft of garlic scent behind you everywhere you go after finishing one of these dishes. That’s why Sukiya has courteously collaborated with Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. to pair these triple garlic dishes with their trademark “Breath Care” refreshers. Stronger then a breath mint, these are tablets you take with water that neutralize the odors from within your stomach. You’ll get a free one with every meal from this series, you won’t have to worry about scaring away your office crush or offending your boss with garlic breath!

▼ Eel bowl

The Triple Ninniku Mix Beef Bowl, Curry Bowl, and Eel Bowl will go on sale starting on August 5, and will be on the menu until the end of September. If you like garlic, you’ll want to try them out! In fact you’ll probably also like Muji’s garlic sauce chips, too, but you might want to buy some Breath Care tablets to keep on hand. You’ll definitely need them.

Source: Nihon Keizai Shinbun via Otacom
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