Four different kitties are waiting to live in your lingerie drawer.

Felissimo Nekobu, Japan’s leading cat-themed lifestyle brand, is always ready to let you incorporate your love of the cute creatures to the world, like with their feline-inspired kimono and headbands. So at first glance, you might think they’ve forgotten to put the finishing touches on their new undergarment line.

Those are just simple, understated panties, with no cat-based aesthetic appeal whatsoever, right? Sure…but only when they’re being worn. That’s because those same panties, once reconfigured, look like this.

Produced in partnership with clothing brand Jaconne, they’re called the Nyanko Pocket Panties (“nyanko” being a cutesy word for “kitty” in Japanese). On the front inside lining, there’s a cat-shaped pocket that you can fold the panties back into when not wearing them.

Of course, if you purchase more than one pair, you can have a whole happy family of kitties waiting for you inside your underwear drawer.

A total of four designs are on offer, each with a different color/cat combination: gray tabby, “mango” orange tabby, “mocha” brown-and-white tabby, and dark brown bicolor.

When they are being worn, the panties’ pocket can actually be used to hold stuff, with Felissimo recommending it for panty liners or heating packs when the weather gets cold.

▼ Speaking of the pocket, we should point out that the cat’s face looks to be more noticeable on the “mango” color than the other pairs, though we’ll leave the decision of whether that’s a plus or a minus up to individual buyers.

The Nyanko Pocket Panties are priced at 1,300 yen (U$12.25) per pair and are offered in sizes small through extra-extra-large online through Jaconne (here) and Rakuten (here). Oh, and if you want lingerie with even more feline styling cues, Felissimo has you covered on that front too.

Source: Felissimo
Images: Jaconne
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