Even the flowers have a connection to the feline theme.

Summer is a pretty awesome time to be in Japan. Not only is it the time of year when the all-you-can-drink beer gardens open up, it’s also when you get the chance to wear yukata, the thin, lightweight kimono that are commonly worn by young and old at summer festivals.

Many women’s yukata have animal motifs, with butterflies, dragonflies, and goldfish being some of the most common. But if your heart beats faster for felines, this year you can step out in this stylishly cute cat yukata.

This fetching garment comes from, you guessed it, Felissimo, Japan’s premiere provider of cat-themed fashion and lifestyle items. In speaking with cat lovers, Felissimo found that they wanted a yukata not with a subtle kitty motif, but one in which the cats could be distinctly seen from any angle, and the company delivered.

Accompanying the feline stars are the blossoms of the silver vine plant, also known as Japanese cat powder, an indigenous plant with catnip-like properties (it can also be used to make beverages for humans).

Made of 100-percent cotton, the cat yukata promises to breathe well, letting cooling breezes keep you comfortable on a warm summer night. It’s still very reasonably priced, though, costing just 7,974 yen (US$71), less than half the price of most department store yukata.

You’ll also need a sash (called an obi) to keep the yukata closed. Felissimo has three recommended designs, each priced at 2,478 yen, once again an extremely affordable price for such items. They’re also made of a billowy enough material to hide imperfections in the knot if you’re still getting the hang of how to tie an obi.

Both the cat yukata and the obis seen here can be ordered directly through Felissimo’s website (yukata here, obi here, here, and here).

Source: Felissimo via PR Times
Images: Felissimo (edited by SoraNews24)
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