There are many memorable moments from the movie, but only real fans will know what this bag holder’s about.

Studio Ghibli has been bringing smiles to the faces of fans all over the world with their beautifully animated feature films…and their official merchandise, sold through Japanese retail chain Donguri Kyowakoku.

This is where you can purchase all sorts of gorgeous Ghibli goods like Chopstick Letters, anime heroine dresses, and even figurines dedicated to the kami gods from Spirited Away. Now, there’s a new item attracting attention amongst fans, as it features a scene from the 1988 movie My Neighbour Totoro that not many people will recognise. 

The name of the product might help to reveal what scene it’s referring to, if you can remember all the moments from the film. It’s called the “My Neighbour Totoro Bag Hanger You Be the Flower Shop, Daddy”.

▼ Do you remember seeing these flowers in the movie?

The reason for its name is due to the fact that it harks back to the moment when Mei, the younger of the two starring daughters, places yellow flowers on her father’s table while he works at home, saying “You Be the Flower Shop, Daddy” in the English sub of the film.

In a movie that stars an enormous Totoro and a giant Catbus, it’s an unusual move to create an item dedicated to such an obscure moment from the film. But this is exactly what makes it so special — you have to be a diehard fan who knows the movie inside-out to get what the product’s about.

▼ Looking closely, you can even see that one of the flowers is upside down, showing its green stem, exactly as it is in the movie.

The palm-sized hanger is designed to hold your bag as it grips onto the tabletop, and from this angle, unsuspecting passersby will simply view it as a beautiful collection of flowers.

However, underneath the petals lies a world of magic, where hidden Totoros scamper amongst fallen acorns.

What looks like a simple product actually contains a whole heap of hidden surprises, and fans are so keen to own one of these that they’ve already sold out online. Retailing for 1,800 yen (US$17.30) each plus tax, the online store does have an option for customers to be notified when new stock arrives, so here’s hoping they do a restock soon. Because how else can we hang our glow-in-the-dark L.L. Bean Ghibli tote bags?

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Images: PR Times
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