Pochi is now our cold-weather role model.

To a lot of native English-speakers, the word “futon” may bring up images of an inexpensive folding sofa. Actually, though, in Japanese a futon is a proper sleeping mat and warm blanket. It’s not something for a budget-strapped college student, but for seeking traditional, classic comfort as they drift off to slumber.

Oh, and in this case a futon is also great for a dog.

That’s Pochi, the Pomeranian owned by Japanese Twitter user @harepiyopiyo. Apparently Pochi has been a good boy, and so @harepiyopiyo decided to buy him his very own futon as a present.

It even comes complete with a little pillow for the pooch, and he only gets cuter as his eyelids become heavy and he drifts off to sleep.

Of course, as cozy as sleeping in a futon is, it feels even better to sleep in in a futon. Pochi has been takin full advantage of his new bedding by waking up in the morning, eating breakfast, and then, if the mood strikes him, crawling back in for a pre-noon nap.

Being covered in fur already, Pochi doesn’t always need the extra warmth of the blanket, so sometimes he’ll relax on top of the cover, crawling in later if he starts feeling chilly.

As at-home as Pochi looks in the futon, though, it’s actually meant for cats, not dogs.

▼ You can buy for-cat futons online in Japan, like this one from Amazon, for about 3,000 yen (US$29).

With Pomeranians being a compact breed, though, and Pochi currently weighing only about five kilograms (11 pounds), he fits in the futon just fine.

In keeping with Japanese customs, Pochi’s futon gets aired out on sunny days.

And if you think all of this luxury is going to make Pochi soft, don’t worry, because he’s still more than willing to assert his dominance by trying to murder his stuffed animal snake toy.

Because hey, there’s nothing like being well-rested to keep your fighting spirit strong, right?

Source: Twitter/harepiyopiyo via IT Media
Top image: Twitter/harepiyopiyo
Insert images: Twitter/harepiyopiyo, Amazon Japan/KUD
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