Mega-size Tokyo Banana Eevee is here to nourish us with warm fuzzy feelings.

Whenever Japan comes out with a new adorable character-themed dessert, we have a bit of an internal conflict. Yes, we’re happy for any and all opportunities to chow down on desserts, but sometimes they’re so cute we feel a little bad eating them, and feel like maybe we should just give them a big hug instead.

Was had an especially difficult dilemma of that type recently when the Pokémon franchise teamed up with the makers of the delicious Tokyo Banana snack cakes for the Eevee Tokyo Banana, pictured above. Sadly, squeezing the spongy-soft sweets would have been a quick way to end up with their cream filling all over ourselves, but now we’ve finally got a solution to that problem.

Tokyo Banana has created what it calls the Eevee Tokyo Banana Mega Dakimakura, or Eevee Tokyo Banana Mega Huggy Pillow. Measuring 120 centimeters (47.2 inches) in length, it’s a large-scale plushie replica of the Pokémon-themed dessert, with Eevee smiling sweetly on the front and the creature’s fluffy tail on the reverse side.

The designers say “Give it a hug, and something good might happen!”, but it’s unclear if the cushion itself makes noises or reacts, or if the promise is just in reference to the warm fuzzy feelings the warm fuzzy dakimakura is sure to give you.

Much like with catching Pokémon in the video games, though, you’ll need a certain amount of luck to obtain your own Eevee Tokyo Banana Mega Dakimakura. A total of 25 are being given away as part of a promotional campaign, which you can enter by following the official Tokyo Banana Twitter account (@tokyobanana1991) and retweeting the below tweet.

Winners will be informed in early June, and the giant Eevee cushions will ship in the middle of the month, with the envy of all your Pokemon-loving friends being more or less immediate.

Source, images: PR Times
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