Giant bread contains a giant surprise. 

When British baker Paul Hollywood came to Japan to film his 2020 TV mini series Paul Hollywood Eats Japan, he sparked controversy for initially thinking the food culture was “all about rice and noodles“, and not knowing that people here actually baked bread and cakes.

After spending some time here, though, Hollywood realised that they don’t just bake bread and cakes here, they do it so well they put other countries to shame. There’s really no bounds to the imaginative baked creations you can find in Japan, and here to prove that point is talented bread maker Izuyo, who recently posted a video on Instagram showing his deliciously large bread…in the shape of Totoro from the Studio Ghibli film My Neighbour Totoro.

On the outside, the animated forest giant appears to be staring without any real expression on its face, which is how it sometimes appears in the film. However, once it’s been sliced in two, the inside reveals a fantastic surprise, because, like magic, a totally different-looking Totoro appears!

▼ Take a look at the grand reveal below.

Inside the squishy looking Totoro is another Totoro, and this one brings new meaning to ‘smiling on the inside’, as it can be seen baring its distinctive wide grin.

It’s incredibly cute, and incredibly well-made, and though Izuyo humbly describes the 26-centimetre (10.2-inch) high creation as “bread that children will like“, comments online prove its appeal spreads far beyond that of children, with many adults heaping praise on the talented baker.

“Omg – what a surprise!”
“This is wonderful! Thanks for making me smile.”
“Too cute!!!”
“Beyond amazing. The face inside is totally different! It would be sacrilegious to eat it!”
“Are you selling these?”

Unfortunately for us, it looks like these aren’t available to purchase, but given the many gobsmacking creations Izuyo has shared on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, if he ever does decide to start up a business, he’d be sure to have plenty of customers.

Source: Instagram/izuyo0719 
Featured image: Studio Ghibli
Insert images: Instagram/izuyo0719

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