Fast food chain surprises everyone by branching out into the bread market. 

Mos Burger is known for its rice burgers, lettuce burgers, tomato burgers, and sometimes even its Mos Burgers. One thing it isn’t known for is bread, but Mos Burger has now said “hold my burger” to that, whipping out to the bakery and coming back with this.

That’s right, the Japanese fast food chain known for its burgers has now created a loaf of bread. It’s an unexpected move from Mos Burger, but considering more people are now eating at home due to the pandemic, it’s an understandable development, and one we’re now curious to try, given that the bread is said to be so rich-tasting you don’t need to eat it with butter.

Plenty of butter and eggs, along with fresh cream and dairy products, are used to give the bread an extremely soft and fluffy texture. The bread is so flavourful it can be enjoyed on its own without any toppings, and toasting it is said to bring out even more of its buttery flavours.

By the sounds of it, Mos Burger may be on to a winner with this new bread, which will go on sale for 600 yen (US$5.67) at approximately 1,000 branches around Japan from 12 March.

Customers wanting to try the new bread will have to make reservations for it in-store, though, starting from 26 February, and the bread will only be sold on the second and fourth Fridays of each month, with the reservation cutoff date falling on the Saturdays prior to sale.

After giving us Dassai amazake milkshakes, Mac and Cheese burgers, and even gummi candies, Mos Burger really is on a roll. Who knows where they’ll take us to next?

Source, images: Mos Burger Japan
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