Three big brands come together for a very special limited release in Japan.

Baby Star Ramen is a crunchy noodle snack that’s been on sale in Japan since 1959, bringing waves of childhood nostalgia to adults who see it in the supermarket aisle. This year, the brand has been appealing to these adults with a special “snack that crosses the line of common sense” series that sees Baby Star Ramen teaming up with a number of companies outside of the snack world to create some unusual and unexpected products.

▼ Baby Star Ramen

The eighth such product in the series was just announced today, and this time Reebok and Japanese sneaker store Atmos are the star partners for the new collaboration. This unusual partnership has given birth to a new set of kicks called Baby Star Ramen Sneakers.

Created by Reebok and sold through Atmos, the new sneakers feature a number of Baby Star Ramen details. First, there’s the red-and-white colourway, which resembles the distinctive small packages the snack is sold in.

The addition of yellow to the colour scheme is a nod to brand mascots “Bei-chan” and “Hoshio-kun“, who appear on the heel section of the shoes.

Bei-chan, who officially retired from the role of brand mascot a number of years ago

▼ …and Hoshio-kun — whose name contains the word for “star” (“hoshi”) — who took over as the current face of the brand.

The crunchy ramen snack makes an appearance on the side of each shoe…

▼ …and inside, on the insoles.


▼ The word “Ramen” is written in English on the sides.


▼ And on the back, we have the words “Baby Star” on the left shoe and “Ramen” on the right, in Japanese.

The noodle details on these sneakers make them ideal for lovers of both Baby Star Ramen and regular ramen, and they’ll be on sale via online lottery from 29 August to 2 September and at Atmos online from 3 September, priced at 12,000 yen (US$87.83) per pair.

Source, images: PR Times (1,2)
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