Premium MeowEver gives you the warmth, softness, shape, and even weight of cuddling the pet cat you can’t own.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that “people who love cats” and “people who can own a cat” are two groups that don’t always perfectly overlap. Maybe you live in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets, have a family member who’s allergic, or just aren’t sure if you’ll be able to properly commit to the amount of time and energy to provide the proper care that cats require from their human servants, as is their apparent birthright.

But even if you’re someone who wants a cat yet can’t have one, you can still experience the soul-soothing comfort of taking a cat nap with a kitty thanks to Japan’s new Premium MeowEver cushion.

Yes, the promotional image says “MeowEver Premium” instead of Premium MeowEver, and MeowEver itself is based on the designers’ less-than-firm grasp of the difference between “always” and “forever,” as the concept was to create a cat that can always be by your side. In the things that are important though, the MeowEver team looks to have done a great job with the design, which is itself an update from the original MeowEver that was released last year.

▼ Original MeowEver (top) and Premium MeowEver (bottom)

For starters, the new version’s proportions have been reworked so that it more closely resembles the shape of a snoozing feline, with a more distinct curvature at its neck and plumper contoured body.

The material has also been improved to more closely replicate a cat’s fur. Using a synthetic “eco fur” designed in Wakayama Prefecture by Okada Textile in partnership with Mitsubishi, the Premium MeowEver’s fibers feel fluffier and smoother than those of its first-generation counterpart.

The Premium model also carries forward the other clever realistic touches from the original MeowEver, such as a compartment for a heat-able gel pack and speakers to replicate a cat’s heartbeat and purrs, providing both physical and emotional warmth as you cuddle it.

As with the first MeowEver, the Premium MeowEver is being offered through Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake, and once again it’s smashed its goal. With more than a month left, the campaign has currently raised over 8 million yen (roughly US$57,500), far beyond its 565,600-yen target.

The Makuake Premium MeowEver crowdfunding campaign has 34 days left to go, as of this writing, and can be found here, with reward tiers that include the cushion starting at 15,675 yen. Between this and Japan’s new bedsheets that feel like petting a cat, feline fans should be sleeping tight this winter.

Source: PR Times, Makuake
Top image: Makuake
Insert images: PR Times, Makuake
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