That’s not all — there’s even an “upcycled doughnut” made with leftovers from the gin-making process.

When a company like Krispy Kreme says they’ve made gin out of doughnuts, our first reaction is to check our calendars to make sure this isn’t some sort of April Fools’ Day joke.

However, it’s not April Fools’, and this is no joke — Krispy Kreme really has made gin out of doughnuts, in a tie-up with Japanese company Ethical Spirits, and they’ve called it “Little Joy Spirits“.

The production of “ethical gin” is Krispy Kreme’s latest move towards tackling food waste, as part of an ongoing initiative that previously saw the chain make fertiliser out of surplus dough and glaze produced during the doughnut-making process.

This time, surplus dough and glaze from Krispy Kreme’s original glazed doughnuts were used to make gin, but rather than distilling the raw ingredients as is, they were first baked into biscuits, with the glaze added to bring out the sweetness and aroma of the dough.

The biscuits and caramelised glaze were then distilled with shikwasa (citrus depressa), Valencia oranges, juniper berries, angelica root, coriander seed and cardamom powder, to create a refreshing taste with the “faint and gentle sweetness” of original glazed doughnuts.

To reduce food waste even further, the herbs and spices left over from the making of “Last Elegant“, one of Ethical Spirits’ flagship gins, were used to create a doughnut called the “Craft Gin Upcycle Old Fashioned”.

By kneading crushed herbs and spices, such as juniper berries, pink pepper, lavender, and cardamom into the dough, a floral scent and spiciness is imparted, creating a unique doughnut that’s said to whet the appetite.

If you like the taste of gin but don’t like the alcohol content, the “Elegant” Herb Milk will wet your whistle. Made with milk and a non-alcoholic gin based on the flavours from Last Elegant, this mocktail is filled with ginger and passionfruit flavours, with a dash of herb powder for an “elegant” accent.

The Little Joy Spirits went on sale in limited quantities from 2 June at the Ethical Spirits online store and the Tokyo Riverside Distillery in Kuramae, Tokyo. Those wanting a taste of the doughnut and Krispy Kreme mocktail will be able to try them at the Tokyo International Forum branch of Krispy Kreme every Friday and Saturday throughout June — designated in Japan as Environment Month — from 5-9 p.m.

The gin retails for 3,300 yen (US$23.67) per bottle while the mocktail is priced at 756 yen for takeout or 770 yen dine-in, and the Craft Gin Upcycle Old Fashioned is 291 yen or 297 yen for dine-in. With Ethical Spirits previously showing its expertise by making gin out of wood and even 80,000 recycled Budweisers, this tie-up with Krispy Kreme is sure to be one to remember.

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