And yes, there are even Ghibli frames to hang them in.

The art of Studio Ghibli is an amazing balancing act. At first glance, the character designs are simple and straightforward, making them instantly expressive and inviting. The closer you look, though, the more you’ll notice subtle little details that might not make much difference individually, but when taken together give the anime studio’s works their unmistakably distinctive look.

So the ideal way for fans to appreciate Ghibli’s art is by both intensely poring over it and taking a step back to see the whole picture over an extended period of time, which is exactly what you can do with these new Studio Ghibli jigsaw puzzles that are also year-long calendars.

A pair of puzzle calendars is being offered through Japanese online anime merchandiser Ensky, one for My Neighbor Totoro and the other for Spirited Away. Each has 1,000 pieces, so they’re not the sort of thing you’re going to slap together on a lunch break, but the illustrations are so beautiful that regardless of how long they take you to finish, it’s going to feel like time well spent.

The Spirited Away calendar’s main artwork is taken directly from the Hayao Miyazaki-directed Oscar-winner, showing Chihiro tearfully embracing Haku in his dragon form. The month-by-month day and date charts surround the central picture, each with its own accompanying character or creature from the film, like the Susuwatari/Soot Sprites for March or the Radish Spirit for April.

The Totoro calendar, on the other hand, has more of a storybook-style illustration, with Mei showing a big smile while perched atop the big Totoro’s head.

With his light brown color, Totoro is looking a little like the Totoro cream puffs you can get at that one bakery in Tokyo, but he shows up in his more familiar gray color on the monthly markers.

The completed calendars, which measure 38 by 53 centimeters (15 by 20.9 inches), are lovely enough to frame, so Ensky also has a pair of Studio Ghibli frames with Totoro and Spirited Away touches.

Technically, you could use them to frame anything that fits within their 57-by-42-centimeter dimensions, but the puzzle calendars are an especially appropriate choice.

▼ Though made of plastic, the frames have an appealingly rustic woodgrain look to them.

The frames are already on sale, priced at 4,070 yen (US$27), while the 3,850-yen calendar puzzles go on sale October 6. The calendars are only available only through pre-orders, which can be placed through Ensky’s online store here or at branches of Studio Ghibli specialty shop chain Donguri Kyowakoku. Delivery is scheduled for December, so putting the puzzles together should be a nice, chill way for Ghibli fans to spend their winter break.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: Ensky (1, 2)
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