10 years of creative energy turn into something magical.

When Sailor Moon fans decide to cosplay as the magical girl anime/manga heroine, they’ve got a few different iconic outfits to choose from. Obviously, there’s the sailor suit-inspired outfit that Sailor Moon wears when fighting evil by moonlight, but the school uniform she wears as ordinary schoolgirl Usagi Tsukino is also an option, as is the elegant gown of Princess Serenity from the Silver Millenium.

But cosplayer and Japanese Twitter user @princessusako recently passed up all three of those designs and crafted a Sailor Moon cosplay outfit that’s both extremely unique and inventive, and yet also something that fans will instantly recognize, by recreating Sailor Moon’s costume from the middle of her transformation sequence.

In case you need your memory jogged, or are just in the mood for a trip down anime memory lane, for Sailor Moon’s first transformation, Usagi shouts out “Moon prism power, make up!” Glowing ribbon-like streams of magical energy then emerge from the Transformation Brooch she wears on her chest, streaming out over her torso and solidifying into her Sailor Moon outfit.

▼ Sailor Moon’s original transformation sequence

To capture this effect in the real world, @princessusako sewed a prismatic reflective material, called an aurora reflector, to both sides of an 18-meter (59-foot) ribbon. She then wound the ribbon in and around a replica Transformation Brooch over and over, until she achieved the volume and shape necessary to wear the ribbon as a garment itself.

Because of the shimmering effect of the material, light will play across the surface so that colors appear to be constantly changing, further selling the illusion that what you’re seeing is magical energy forming around Sailor Moon.

▼ @princessusako models her creation.

@princessusako actually first got the idea for a ribbon-based Sailor Moon transformation sequence cosplay outfit 10 years ago, and even he first attempt is an impressive piece of work.

The new costume, though, is on a whole other level, and a reminder that there’s no limit to what cosplay creators can do if they keep chasing their costuming dreams.

Source: Twitter/@princessusako via IT Media
Images Twitter/@princessusako
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