47 prefectures

Anglicized map shows what Japan’s prefectures might be named if they were part of England

Yeetstead is quite beautiful this time of year.

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Survey ranks Tokyo as the most desirable Japanese prefecture to live in, bumping Kanagawa to #2

Top 10 results reveal the special places around Japan that people most want to live in.

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Survey ranks Japanese prefectures by how much people want to continue living there

Spoiler: the most popular prefecture is also the largest.

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Kagawa’s Udon Monster joins Japan’s other local kaiju to help save the environment

Did you know that each of Japan’s 47 prefectures has a designated monster that represents their region? The larger-than-life beings were born from the “Gotouchi Kaiju” (“Local Monsters”) multimedia project helmed by Professor Hiroshi Sagae, who’s worked on a number of kaiju-centric films such as Godzilla Millenium, Ultraman Saga and Gamera the Brave.

Now there’s a special crowdfunding campaign that’s calling on the masses to support the plight of the monsters as they strive to protect nature and promote greenery in their towns. Patrons who contribute to their favourite beast will be rewarded with cards, T-shirts or even a 3-D kaiju figurine but best of all, the funds raised for each prefecture will go towards supporting environmental projects in the region.

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