Japan’s YouTube knife-maker is back at it again–this time with a knife made entirely of fungus

Wouldn’t you want to cook with a fungus knife?

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Japanese craftsman creates a knife from jelly and a knife from rice: Which one is the sharpest?

White rice goes head to head with jelly in the sharpest blade stakes, but only one can win.

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Japanese garbage man challenges coworker to literal bladed duel following workplace argument

Tells police odd mix of courtesy and violence was “the only way” to settle their differences.

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Japanese knife craftsman transforms an everyday roll of aluminium foil into a super sharp blade

Samurai-style swordsmithing techniques can be used to create a professional knife from just about anything.

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You can make a knife (yes, a knife) out of Japanese dried fish【Video】

Most people know katsuobushi as a bonito flake seasoning, but it can also be a blade.

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Who knew Daiso’s 100-yen kitchen knives can become shockingly sharp with the right tools?【Video】

The knife may be less than a buck, but it can hold an amazingly sharp edge if you’re willing to spring for a nice whetstone.

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How to polish a knife: Watch as a rusty piece of Japanese metal becomes a sharp, shiny blade

The story behind this traditional Japanese knife makes the dramatic restoration even more satisfying.

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Smashing cakes and eating hair: City in Gifu Prefecture releases bizarre PR video【Video】

Following in the footsteps of Kobayashi City in Miyazaki Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture’s Seki City has recently released its own quirky PR video. This ad, however, focuses on the city’s contribution to daily life with an important product that the city is famous for rather than emphasizing any local accent. Judging by the bizarre scene in the photo above, can you guess what Seki City is famous for producing? Here’s a hint: This video is shear madness!

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Japanese Nickel Damascus knives look exquisite and a little like they’re slipping out of reality

Don’t you hate it when you get ready to do some cooking and Paul Hogan comes out of nowhere ridiculing your cookware with taunts of “Ya call that a knife?”

Me too.

That’s why next time I’ll be ready with my new Nickel Damascus Chef’s Knife forged by famous Echizen blacksmith Takeshi Saji using techniques that span the globe. Now that’s what I call a knife!

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