braised pork

Starbucks releases a Braised Pork Latte in China, so we see if we can recreate it in Japan

Is coffee and pork really as good as they say? 

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Which convenience store has the best kakuni Japanese braised pork? We find out【Taste test】

This taste test was nothing short of a porky paradise.

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Enjoy a movie and cook a succulent dish at the same time — Braised Pork a la Titanic【Recipe】

How would you like to cook up some sweet and succulent braised pork (kakuni)… while watching a movie? Well, there’s a recipe that actually lets you do that, and it’s recently been a huge hit online inJapan due to its unique and surprisingly effective instructions.

But what could a pork dish and the epic blockbuster movie Titanic have in common? We think you’ll get the idea once you see the instructions in the recipe.

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