Grand Sumo Tournament pop-up cafe pushes its way into Fukuoka

I hope they throw salt over everything.

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Tokyo Comic-Con wasn’t just fun, it was delicious, and here’re our top picks from its food booths

With things like sumo-wrestlers’ hot pot and beef sushi, the event was a feast for all of the senses!

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We try mail order chanko stew from a swanky restaurant

Chanko stew is a very heavy dish that most people associate with sumo wrestlers. The high protein and high caloric content of these pots are perfect for putting on the bulk or just to warm your bones on a cold winter’s day. Chanko is also known to be rather pricey due to the bounty of ingredients used. That’s why most people would probably steer clear of Chankoya Suzukichan and its reputation as “a restaurant frequented by celebrities” for fear of breaking the bank.

But now, thanks to (oddly enough) the convenience store Family Mart’s online shopping site, we could get a taste of the high-life delivered straight to our door. So we did.

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