Conan O’Brien in Japan episode features Toto toilets, Harajuku, a rented family and Conan Town

We take a closer look at some hilarious clips from the new Conan in Japan episode.

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What happened when Conan O’Brien visited the Toto Japanese toilet showroom in Tokyo 【Video】

Video disappears from official account after O’Brien and Jordan Schlansky anger Toto showroom rep.

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Conan O’Brien asks Hideo Kojima for a job, sings Live Band Karaoke, and says sayonara to Japan

Conan and his team packed in as much of Tokyo as possible during the final days of their Japanese trip.

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Conan O’Brien visits Conan Town in Japan…but things don’t go entirely as planned

Prompts mayor to ask “Is this another one of your American jokes?

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Conan Town prepares for Conan O’Brien’s visit with burgers and a special video

The mayor of Hokuei is ready to meet Conan’s demands, but he has a few surprises up his sleeve for the talk show host as well. 

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Conan O’Brien sits down for a traditional kaiseki meal with Jordan Schlansky in Japan 【Video】

Schlansky imparted his Japanese knowledge on the talk show host, but ended up committing some faux pas of his own.

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Conan O’Brien arrives in Japan, dresses up as a Harajuku girl in Tokyo 【Pics & Videos】

The talk show host immerses himself in a world of kawaii with some of Harajuku’s most colourful fashionistas.

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Universal Studios Japan announces 2017 line-up of Cool Japan attractions

“Big” is looking to be the operative word for next year’s Japanese pop culture themed attractions.

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Anime sleuths, can you spot the massive art mistake in this Great Detective Conan scene?

When most Americans hear the name Conan, they’re likely to think of either Conan the Barbarian or Conan the Late-Night TV Host/O’Brien. But when people in Japan hear “Conan,” they immediately think of the star long-running anime hit Great Detective Conan (which was released in the U.S. under the title Case Closed).

After being transformed into a child, brilliant detective Shinichi Kudo chooses the alias of Conan Edogawa, borrowing his new first name from Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle. But even trapped in the body of a young boy, Kudo continues solving crimes. Like Doyle’s famous consulting detective, no detail escapes the sharp eyes and clever eyes of Conan.

Well, except for this gigantic art mistake in a recent episode of the Great Detective Conan anime.

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