Pokémon Shirts team up with Japanese illustrator Inori Kito to make cute new limited-edition prints

Get these new designs before they’re gone!

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Mr. Sato takes a break in the new Shibuya KitKat Chocolatory, has a custom KitKat

When life hands you chocolate, wafer, and a special store to combine the two…it’s time to make your very own KitKat.

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Ahh…Feet Bliss! Affordable Custom Made Shoes from KiBERA Make You so Happy You’ll Want to Keep It a Secret!

I’m sure all of you ladies out there have at one point or another been through the experience of being tortured by a pair of high-heels that pinch and scrape and leave you with blisters but look absolutely gorgeous. Ah, the sacrifices we make for fashion!

Well, one of our Japanese reporters from Pouch went to KiBera in Shinjuku for a pair of affordable, custom-made shoes that both look great and feel comfortable, a combination that can be hard to find in stylish shoes.

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