Natural disasters

Japanese company develops a door within a door, and it’s a great idea

When is a door not a door?

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3.11 survivors share what items they really needed during the aftermath of the disaster

The secret, it seems, is preparing for mental health as well as physical safety.

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How was last week’s earthquake judged to be an aftershock of the 2011 Tohoku disaster?

Earthquakes have always been largely a guessing game, and this one is no different.

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Modern Japanese kokeshi dolls are both beautiful interior items and useful emergency tools

Let these traditional Japanese dolls light the way in an emergency!

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Devilman Crybaby director to helm new 2020 Netflix anime series: “Japan Sinks 2020”

The series will comprise of 10 episodes based on the classic Japanese sci-fi novel.

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Japan makes card game to help kids raise disaster prevention awareness

How do you get kids interested in natural disaster preparedness? With a game, of course.

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Prefectural government in Japan to pay million-dollar restitution to family of deceased woman

Shimane Prefecture awards a college student’s family a settlement in restitution for the roadside accident that took her life.

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Tokyo schoolgirls invent eco and cost-friendly portable toilet for disaster relief【Video】

Although we explored public restrooms the world over in a previous article, we left out the fact that many refugees, natural disaster survivors, and other displaced people have no access to the modern plumbing many of us take for granted. For those living in areas where public toilets are unavailable, a trip to the bathroom is at best a chore, and at worst a major sanitary concern.

Luckily technological advances are being made in order to help remedy these problems, and so far 2015 has been a promising year in that regard. UK researchers and volunteers were able to successfully create an urine-powered outhouse, while over in Japan a high school girls’ volunteer club recently came up with a new economic and hygienic portable toilet option.

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People in Japan are growing concerned that another major earthquake might hit soon

We don’t think we have to tell you that when some lunatic wearing a sandwich board starts telling you that the earth will open up and swallow humanity whole if you don’t do seven Hail Marys, constantly chant “Yahweh,” and transfer a small donation exceeding 10 dollars to his PayPal account right now, you can probably take that prediction with a grain of salt.

But, when it comes to earthquakes, there are actually some pretty solid, observable predictors that one may be coming soon. And, holy crap you guys, there are a bunch of those happening right now in Japan and I for one am starting to get worried.

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