Miyagi Prefecture

Pokémon Lapras appears on streets, in lakes of Miyagi as part of new tourism ambassador role

Gentle giant Pokémon is helping prefecture damaged in Tohoku earthquake and tsunami recover.

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Enormous Buddhist Kannon statue in Sendai shocks visitors with otherworldly looming

It’s so massive that from certain angles it looks like Japan is under attack by a giant alien life-form.

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Tokyo schoolgirls invent eco and cost-friendly portable toilet for disaster relief【Video】

Although we explored public restrooms the world over in a previous article, we left out the fact that many refugees, natural disaster survivors, and other displaced people have no access to the modern plumbing many of us take for granted. For those living in areas where public toilets are unavailable, a trip to the bathroom is at best a chore, and at worst a major sanitary concern.

Luckily technological advances are being made in order to help remedy these problems, and so far 2015 has been a promising year in that regard. UK researchers and volunteers were able to successfully create an urine-powered outhouse, while over in Japan a high school girls’ volunteer club recently came up with a new economic and hygienic portable toilet option.

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Spring comes to Miyagi Prefecture…in October!

We may be well into October, but spring has already come to Miyagi Prefecture!

This summer saw record high temperatures throughout Japan, and the heat is only now starting to let up now, with some days still hitting 32 degrees Celsius (89 degrees Fahrenheit). Even more surprising though, was the blossoming of some cherry blossom trees – six months early – down in Miyagi, leading some to believe the high temperatures are to blame for the early open sakura flowers.

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