We roll the die on Japan’s new random-destination train tickets

How to buy a cheap ticket to…somewhere. 

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Japan’s random-destination roll-the-die train tickets: An amazingly cheap way to go…somewhere

Seven great destinations and a chance to save almost 150,000 yen if you’re especially lucky.

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Japanese town’s Cat Street View lets you virtually tour its backstreets, meet feline residents

It’s an amazing age we live in, where you can fire up Google Street View and virtually walk the boulevards of many of the world’s cities. But it turns out Google Street View has a bit of a rival in Japan. Granted, its scope is far smaller than Google’s, given that it only covers part of one town, but it shows up the Internet giant by letting you wander its walkways from the perspective of an alley cat, and even provides profiles of all the neighborhood kitties you’ll meet along the way!

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