Japan Railway

Japan’s best train pass, the Japan Rail Pass, finally being made available for purchase online

After years of complicated and added-expense hoops to jump through, JR will start letting international travelers buy their passes online and inside their home countries.

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Shinkansen will require reservations for large suitcases, charge penalty fees for those without

Japan Railway boss says passengers “will be happy” about the new regulations.

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Tokyo party problem: Last train on most important line will soon leave almost 30 minutes earlier

Keep an eye on the clock unless you want to stay out all night.

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Japan Railway doing away with train departure chimes in plan to stop dangerous mad dashes

Company is tired of people thinking the chime means “Feel free to knock people over if they’re standing between you and your train.”

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JR East to re-educate employees after frequent overruns on JR Keiyo Line

CHIBA — JR East says it will re-educate its employees after its trains have been involved in a series of overruns at platforms.

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Japanese Companies Expected to Still Be Around in 50 Years: No. 3 Japan Rail, No. 2 Honda, and No. 1…

Risk Monster, a credit management outsourcing service that calculates bankruptcy risk, recently announced the results of its first survey asking, “Which Japanese Companies Do You Expect to Still Exist in 50 Years.” The survey was conducted over the Internet on Feb. 25 and 26, and received 1,000 valid responses from influential individuals between the ages of 20 and 69.

Coming in third was Honda, second place went to the East Japan Railway Company, and grabbing the top spot was…
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