Mouthwatering Pokémon KitKat “ad” has us dreaming of the future of Japanese sweets【Video】

The lovingly animated concept video is too good to be true…for now.

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Japanese dad shares ingenious trick to keep kids (or yourself) from getting bored on the train

As usual, ice cream is the answer to our problems.

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Cola-flavored mochi sweets are half Japanese tradition, half jiggly Pop Rock

Warabi mochi is usually flavored with soybean powder, but not in the case of these treats from Osaka.

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Neco Meshi: The line of Japanese snacks that both you and your cat can eat! 【Taste test】

Snacks that cats and people alike can enjoy? It might not be as crazy as it sounds.

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Five foods you should never feed to your cat

From Hello Kitty to the ubiquitous cat cafes, it’s no secret to our readers that Japan loves cats. Despite their tendency to view us humans as their own personal servants, we can’t seem to get enough of their fluffy cuteness and sometimes ridiculous antics. Whenever you need to smile, a silly cat video will usually do the trick.

So why not repay your cat by ensuring its healthy lifestyle? For starters, you can reevaluate your cat’s diet by checking out this list we’ve compiled of five at-a-glance foods that you should never feed to your pet. Maybe your kitty will thank you for your concern with even more purring and nuzzles (and no dead mice!).   

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