Metallic transformation item is “almost” 1:1-scale.

Keeping track of Sailor Moon’s various adaptations, reboots, and side projects can be kind of hard sometimes, but this year’s Sailor Moon Eternal was a particularly big deal for the franchise. Released in two parts in Japanese theaters in January and February, Eternal was the first Sailor Moon theatrical anime since the Sailor Moon SuperS movie all the way back in 1995.

Sailor Moon Eternal

It’s a sure bet that some of the fans who made it to the theater to watch Eternal, or who watched it streaming on Netflix internationally last month, have been waiting a long, long time to see Usagi and her friends in theatrical-quality animation. And since long-time fandom coincides with deeper pockets than those of an allowance-reliant teen, merchandiser Proplica, which specializes in high-quality recreations of anime artifacts for adults, is putting the finishing touches on a brand-new version of the Crisis Moon Compact.

Proplica is billing this as an approximately 1:1-scale reproduction of the transformation item that Usagi acquires during the Dream Arc, the segment of the Sailor Moon saga covered by Eternal, which allows her to reach her Super Sailor Moon form. The piece is outfitted with “gold metallic” trim, though that’s likely gold as in the color, not the precious metal. The Crisis Moon Compact also comes loaded with voice clips from Sailor Moon/voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi and sound effects, and also lights up in facsimile of its magical powers.

As for why it’s “approximately” life-size, as a magical girl anime, Sailor Moon doesn’t quite have the same focus on exact numerical data world-building that, say, a Gundam series does. As such, there aren’t any specific, official measurements for the in-anime Crisis Moon Compact, and so Proplica’s designers based its dimensions on how it appears, relative in size to Usagi, within Sailor Moon Eternal.

The Crisis Moon Compact goes on sale August 6 through the Premium Bandai online shop, priced at 8,800 yen (US$80). Shipping is scheduled for January, at which time it can join any other pieces of Proplica Sailor Moon regalia you happen to have in your collection.

Source: Sailor Moon official website via Nijimen
Top image: YouTube/sailormoon-official
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