We turn this non-alcoholic lemon chu-hai into a mixer, find the perfect alcohol for it

And shochu wasn’t it!

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Spending for pickled umeboshi among young Japanese people is halved from 20 years ago

A traditional food is taking a hit among the younger generations in Japan. 

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Coca-Cola Company releases new line of alcoholic drinks in Japan, and we’ve tried it

Hard liquor is a key ingredient in Coca-Cola’s new line of Japan-only canned cocktails.

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New canned sakura liquor beverage appears in Japan, courtesy of Suntory 【Taste test】

Sakura Sakuranbo aims to please with two types of cherry flavors.

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New snack sensation: super sour and certainly salty lemon flavour potato chips

Yep, it’s “weird potato chip flavour” time again! Hot on the heels of steak sandwich flavour, tangerine flavour, and banana and peach “breakfast chips”, we bring you… super sour lemon!

No doubt these crunchy potato slivers will be burning huge holes in our tongues when they go on sale and we immediately rush to satisfy our curiosity by guzzling several bags at once.

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