Saitama Prefecture scores its first Pokémon manhole covers in Tokorozawa City

These Pokéfuta pay homage to a family of beloved Dragon-types and Flying types.

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A visit to Japan’s 220-meter-long water slide【Photos】

Indoor ski slope shows it doesn’t need snow to be awesome.

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Studio Ghibli’s Totoro and the Catbus forever preserved together in new statue 【Pics & Video】

Monument unveiled by children yelling “Totoro!” plays out like a scene from a Ghibli anime film. 

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My Neighbour Totoro train jingles now playing at Tokorozawa Station【Videos】

Have a listen to the five new Ghibli departure melodies delighting passengers in Japan right now.

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Japan’s all-anime-themed hotel previews rooms, is ready to welcome guests

Five popular franchises are the first batch of tie-ups at the Tokorozawa Sakura Town hotel.

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Studio Ghibli releases its first-ever train jingles, to be played at one special Japanese station

Monument also to be erected in the shape of Totoro.

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Evangelion, Spice and Wolf LED manhole covers installed in otaku-friendly neighborhood in Japan

Beautiful salutes to nearly two dozen anime/manga franchises light the way to the newest otaku destination.

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All-anime-themed hotel opening in Japan’s Tokorozawa Sakura Town【Photos】

A new place to stay not far from the real-world inspiration for the setting of My Neighbor Totoro.

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Cornman unleashed: The once elusive eccentric sheds light on his passion and hobby of walking vegetables

The other day I relaxing at home with the TV on. Suddenly, my wife said to me “It’s him!” I looked up and there on the screen was Cornman (Toumorokoshi Ojisan), in all his sharply-dressed corn-toting glory, giving an interview on Out x Deluxe.

It’s been a while since we last saw him dragging a daikon around in March, and still we had been unable to get a clear shot of his face. Yet now here he was talking openly about himself and the ear of corn he calls Tomoko.

After doing a little research online, sure enough, Cornman was doing the rounds and telling all about his mysterious love of tying a leash on vegetables and taking them around the Kanto area. In particular, thanks to a very illuminating interview with Entabe we can learn all we need to know about Cornman – or should we say Mr. Masahiko Naganuma.

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