Did this ’90s Japanese horror manga predict the coronavirus pandemic?

Manga artist draws amazing parallels between fiction and reality.

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New COVID-19 delta variant discovered in Japan, believed to be domestically mutated

But what this means for the pandemic is yet to be determined.

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Japanese chemistry professor shows why three kinds of masks could be effective against the virus

A helpful science experiment shows that masks, whether bought in a store or made at home, can help protect you against coronavirus. 

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Japanese Twitter user offers explanation for why Japan’s coronavirus outbreak has been so small

Despite not being on lockdown, why has Japan been able to keep coronavirus infection and fatality numbers so low?

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Net users floored by third-grader in Osaka who created and distributed a computer virus

The kid claims he did it “to surprise his friends.”

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Anime featuring anthropomorphized blood cells confirmed, actually looks cooler than it sounds

Turns out your white blood cells are awesome cold-blooded killers.

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Dirty cash: Chinese Yuan filthiest money in Asia, two bank clerks feel full effect

What’s minuscule, potentially harmful and is very possibly lurking on your cash money? A multitude of bacteria and viruses, that’s what.  It turns out that coins and bills are some of the dirtiest things you touch every day. Two Chinese bank clerks recently learned this the hard way after contracting a very unpleasant condition, supposedly on the job. Heads up, you might not want to read this while eating.

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Virus Attacking Necklaces Recalled for Attacking Humans

Virus Protector is a Japanese product composed of a vinyl pouch that you hang by a strap around your neck. When unsealed it claims to “remove bacteria, virus and odors from the surrounding area creating a decontamination space.”

On February 18 the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan issued a warning for people to stop using Virus Protector brand products immediately.

The reason? Apparently, Virus Protector had considered humans in the same family of germs and bad smells and set out to eliminate us as well.

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