Family Mart recalls “skin-coloured” women’s underwear

Inappropriate branding sees Convenience Wear products pulled from shelves nationwide. 

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Japanese home furnishing chain issues massive recall for asbestos-heavy bathmats and coasters

Over two million products affected, some of which have been on sale for years.

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Microwavable potato chips recalled after three days due to fire hazards

One potato chip dared to fly too close to the electromagnetic radiation and got burnt.

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Daiso recalls cut-your-finger joke knives for being REAL cut-your-finger knives

Cheap joke item could lead to gruesome disfigurement thanks to terrifying packaging snafu.

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Life imitates Poké-art as electric Pikachu battery packs generate too much heat, cause recall

Pikachu apparently doesn’t know how to tone down the strength of his electricity powers.

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Popular Japanese cafe chain apologises for using detergent instead of oil to fry their doughnuts

Afternoon Tea TEAROOM is recalling the affected batch of fried items after customers complained of numbness in their tongues.

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Virus Attacking Necklaces Recalled for Attacking Humans

Virus Protector is a Japanese product composed of a vinyl pouch that you hang by a strap around your neck. When unsealed it claims to “remove bacteria, virus and odors from the surrounding area creating a decontamination space.”

On February 18 the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan issued a warning for people to stop using Virus Protector brand products immediately.

The reason? Apparently, Virus Protector had considered humans in the same family of germs and bad smells and set out to eliminate us as well.

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