We’ve probably all experienced that struggle, that anguish – you go to eat your ice cream only to discover it’s still frozen solid and your spoon can only make pathetic little dents in it. The folks at Lemnos Co. could not let this injustice go unaddressed, and have invented a special spoon to do the job.

Under the unassuming brand name “15.0%” – coming from the fact that ice cream has 15% or higher fat content – the aluminum of this spoon utilizes the heat from your hand to promptly melt the ice cream and solve the problem of it not being in your mouth.

The spoon’s designer may have had some traumatic ice cream-related experiences that moved him to take action. “You can’t eat it when it’s frozen solid. But if you wait, you might wait too long and it turns into liquid. All this frustration, all this calculating. It had to stop somewhere!”

■Price ¥3150($39)

via trendy.nikkeibp.co.jp(Japanese)