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As part of this year’s ongoing 20th anniversary celebration of the classic anime, toy giant Bandai has recently added a few new items to its line-up of Sailor Moon-themed accessories.

Last month saw the introduction of a ring styled after the heroine’s transformation brooch, and now you can decorate your neckline as well with one of six Sailor Moon pendants.

Made of 925 silver, the pendants are available through Bandai’s upmarket online store, Premium Bandai, for 12,600 yen (US$126) each. Like the ring which went on sale last month, the pendants are fashioned after the magical accessories main character Usagi uses to transform into her alter ego, Sailor Moon.

The title character’s costume went through numerous tweaks and upgrades during the course of her adventures. Shown here are the necklaces based on the original design, each of which measure 18 centimeters (7.1 inches) in diameter.

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▼ With 18-karat gold plating

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The pendants featuring the crystal star brooch from sequel series Sailor Moon R are just a tad smaller at 17 centimeters across, but no less sparkly.

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▼ More 18-karat gold plating

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And finally, here we have the cosmic heart compact design from the franchise’s third series, Sailor Moon S, along with the moon prism heart compact worn by pint-sized character Chibi Moon. Both have a diameter of 17 centimeters.

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Completionists may be irked by the lack of offerings from further sequel series Sailor Moon Super S and Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars, but don’t wallow in disappointment too long. Quantities are limited, and it seems as though Bandai has no plans to produce a second run after this first batch sells out. Purchasers should receive their pendants in late September, hopefully in time to wear them to a performance of the new Sailor Moon stage musical.

Sources: IT Media, Premium Bandai
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: Premium Bandai