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When my nephew was still a baby, I clearly remember the whole family gathering to watch as he rolled over for the first time. It was an exciting moment, and we were all impressed by his accomplishment.

On the other hand, I can’t remember the last time anyone gave me a round of applause for rolling over, even if I’ve had so much beer that my motor skills have regressed to infant-level. The fact is that whether an action is compelling to watch has as much to do with the natural charisma of the performer as it does with what they’re doing.

For example, most of us couldn’t entertain a group of strangers by just sitting in a chair, but that’s only because we aren’t this incredibly cute, eminently relaxed cat.

Uploaded by YouTube user Shironekoshiro, the title of video Cat Sitting in a Chair is not a metaphor or play on words of any kind. The clip promises you a cat sitting in a chair, and by God does it deliver.

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The animal seems to be having an epiphany, as it understands for the first time just why humans seem to be so into this while “sitting” thing.

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▼ More satisfaction than most of us will feel all week.

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Lounging like a king on his throne, the cat is so taken with his piece of bright green furniture that he pays little heed to the feline that enters the shot and parades before him.

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“Sorry, not scooting over.”

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As the rejected cat walks off, it’s clear that the striped sitter knows he has a good thing going here, and he’s not relinquishing his seat until he’s good and ready.

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Eventually, something off camera catches his attention, though, and he slides off.

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The video ends shortly thereafter, but we figure it was only a matter of seconds until the white cat in the background parked itself on the vacant chair.

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Source: Karapia
Images: YouTube