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One of the biggest buzzwords of the year in Japan has been kabe-don. A staple of girls’ comics in Japan for years, kabe-don, literally “wall-pound,” has traditionally been the domain of guys clumsily expressing their feelings while leaning against the wall and fencing in the object of their amour with their outstretched arm.

We live in an age of increasing gender equality, though. Today, woman govern nations, helm corporations, and are highly capable of wreaking terrible violence upon their targets with their bare hands. As such, it’s only natural to assume that women are gradually shattering the barriers that have made the world of kabe-don practitioners a boys’ club until now, and as proof, we present these 10 videos of women flipping the script and showing off their kabe-don skills.

We’re not really sure what inspired realtor Leo Palace 21 to create its Kabe-Don Joshi, or Kabe-Don Girls, website. Sure, at the very top of the page, there’s a short blurb saying “It’s really noisy and annoying when you have a neighbor doing kabe-don, but what if a cute girl like this was doing it to you?” We’re not seeing how that actually relates so deeply to the company’s core business of administering and filling apartment buildings, though.

Nonetheless, someone at Leo Palace 21 gave the project the green light, and the first phase is now up and running. Eventually, Kabe-Don Girls promises videos of 30 young college-attending ladies kabe-don-ing the camera. Right now, the first 10 are already up on the site, and of course the videos are shot in point-of-view style, allowing visitors to see what it’d be like to be inside the framework of their aggressively affectionate forearms.

And now, on with the wall-pounding!

Nomoti thinks we may have forgotten something.

Mai wants us to come straight home after whatever you’re heading out to do, since she’s making our favorite, nikujaga (stewed meat and potatoes), for dinner.

Terenyan shows off an advanced technique, the running-start kabe-don, before saying she missed us.

Harupi’s kabe-don seems to be more functional than passionate, as she’s upset that we’re not looking at her while she’s talking.

Honna, meanwhile, is upset that even though she loves us so much, we still haven’t moved in. We’ll be honest, Honna. It’s because we’re kind of scared of you.

▼ Can we go back to having people say, “I love you?”

Sayo, on the other hand, figures you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar, declaring she feels so comfy and relaxed in our pad that she doesn’t want to go home tonight.

▼ Maybe that’s why people love Sayo.

The gentle and helpful Kazane just wants to stop us so she can grab a piece of lint that’s stuck to our hair.

Up until now, most of the Kabe-Don Girls have been more sweet than sultry (or surly, in the case of Honna). The last three, though, seem to figure that since we’re finally alone together, it’s time to kick the relationship up a notch.

Yukko is insecure enough to worry about other girls stealing us away because we’re looking so cool today. Still, she’s confident enough to pull off a one-handed kabe-don, and also feeling bold enough to take what looks like a lingering look at our crotch.

Riyan is even more direct, whispering, “Hey, let’s go up into the loft,” which serves as the sleeping space in many of Leo Palace’s one-room apartments.

And finally, Maimai has just one thing to tell us: If we don’t get up now, we’re going to be late.

Assuming we didn’t sleep standing and propped up against the wall, the position of Maimai’s hands would technically make this a bed pound, not a wall pound. Still, based on what she’s saying, we don’t have time to debate the specifics of what exactly does and doesn’t constitute a kabe-don right now.

Besides, the more pressing question is how we’re going to make up for sleeping in and not cooking her breakfast.

▼ Sorry, Maimai! Next time, dinner’s on us, OK?

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