Cats are melting hearts around the country by wrapping tails around their legs, necks and heads to fight the winter chill.

We all know cats would prefer to live their lives in front of the heater. When they’re away from the pleasantries of warm heating devices, however, kitties have to improvise and find other creative ways to rug up, and it seems the best way to do that is with a nice fluffy tail.

Owners are calling the new trend the “Shippo Mafura” or “Tail Scarf”, and photos on Twitter show it’s something that cats all over Japan are getting into.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.17.55 PM

▼ This kitty can’t believe its human would rather take photos than turn the heater on.

▼ All this kitten needs is a nice pair of fluffy socks to cover those little toes.

More curious cats have found a way to modify the trend by wrapping their tails around their necks.


▼ Or around the necks of others.


▼ Keeping warm is so much easier when you have a friend to snuggle with!

Just looking at these cosy kittens has warmed the cockles of our hearts. We wish we had our own fluffy built-in tails to wrap around ourselves this winter too!

Source: Grape
Top Image: Twitter/@suvosuludov