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They might not be out for public consumption until February 24, but one lucky YouTuber was fortunate enough to get a special taste test.

Japanese and sweets are two words that go perfectly together. RocketNews24 is constantly bringing you news of new sweets from Japan that are both good to eat and good for a laugh. Now, our lucky friends over at Yummy Japan together with YouTuber Charlyjapan got a special sneak preview of a set of three new flavors from Krispy Kreme in Japan. There aren’t as many of these shops in Japan as there are, say Mister Donut, but that just means Krispy Kreme needs to make spectacularly delicious doughnuts to lure the customers in, right?

These three amazing-looking doughnuts are targeted towards a Japanese audience, and just by looking at them, you can tell they are quintessentially Japanese.

donut 2

First up is the sakura-flavored donut, which has pink icing and a sakura cream filling inside the always-scrumptious Krispy Kreme doughnut. If you are a fan of sakura flavor, Charlyjapan definitely thinks you’ll love this one.

donut 5

donut 6

The second doughnut up for a taste test is yuzu-flavored. The Japanese citrus fruit is a pretty traditional flavor that’s added to all sorts of things. Thankfully the tangy taste matches supremely well with the sweet doughnut for a serene taste.

donut 7

donut 8

donut 9

Last, but certainly not least, is the kuromitsu and green tea cake doughnut. Kuromitsu is kind of like a charred black sugar honey, and it’s often associated with sweets from Okinawa. Green tea lovers will be in heaven as this old-fashioned doughnut really packs the matcha flavor.

donut 10

donut 11

donut 12

Like so many tasty things in Japan, these donuts will only be sold for a limited time, from February 24–March 22, costing 230 yen (US$2) each. Seems like the perfect set of sweets to tide you over until spring officially hits our calendars, so head on over to a Krispy Kreme location in Japan to pick these up while you can. And definitely check out Yummy Japan for more great videos bringing you the latest and greatest from the Land of the Rising Sun.