At long last, photogenic kitty pics that are SFW.

In a modern age of easy Internet access, the hyper-sexualisation of society continues apace, and no where is this more readily seen that in the number of cat nudes flooding the net. Naked cats can be seen in all sorts of situations, whether snuggled up against comparatively over-dressed humans, using the Internet to look at their own kind, or being two-faced.

But thanks to this photo from Twitter user @oekn_ne , we now know that with a little bit of covering up to preserve a kitty’s modesty, cat pictures can be art, rather than just smut.

▼ This cat would be wearing nothing but a smile if it weren’t for those tastefully placed exotic flowers.

Despite being a tweet, @oken_ne labelled it “Instagrammer” referring to the photo’s similarity to that very modern phenomenon of the Instagram model/attention seeker with its stylish yet sexy star playing to the camera. For others, it brought to mind the scantily clad or unclothed beauties from whose body sushi or sashimi is eaten. Probably not the best idea to try to recreate that particular phenomenon with cats, though.

Comments were largely confined to the ubiquitous cries of “Kawaii!” (“How cute!”), but it also seems that @oken_ne isn’t the only one artfully posing their cats to photograph, as Twitter user @u_sanmokedarui also posted this image in response:

These bewitching little minxes don’t leave a lot to the imagination, except perhaps for questions regarding the owners’ tenuous grip on sanity. Of course there will be some saying that the flowers don’t go far enough. Perhaps the next trend will be for more modest feline wear, perhaps even photos of cats in fur-khas.

Source: Twitter/@oken_ne via Togech