The edgy kimonos designed by X Japan rock star Yoshiki may have been a bit too edgy for most — but not for Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty has gone completely hardcore rock and roll! The adorable Sanrio character’s new line of goods sees her wearing a kimono designed by Yoshiki, lead singer of the heavy metal band X Japan, who first released the “Yoshikimono” (“a range of rock star kimonos”) late last year at Tokyo Fashion Week. The risqué, sexy kimonos showed off bright colors and a lot of skin while preserving a strong traditional Japanese feel.

Hello Kitty has clearly taken a liking to the style and even adopted the name “Yoshikitty” for her new collection of goods — though the cute character is a little more modest and not showing so much…fur.

You can now purchase Yoshikitty t-shirts, key rings, soft toys, lucky charms straps, clear file holders and even a Yoshikitty suitcase.

▼ Would you like a Yoshikitty key ring


▼ …Yoshikitty T-shirt



▼ …Yoshikitty suitcase


▼ …or a Yoshikitty lucky charm strap?


You can see the range of colors and even more goods on gotochikitty.com, and prices ranging from around 1,000 yen (US$9.43) for key rings to around 5,000 yen for t-shirts. As for the Yoshikitty suitcase, it will set you back 30,000 yen, but it’s probably worth it as you will be strutting around carrying the cutest rock god in the airport!

Source: Japaaan, Gotochikitty.com
Top image: Gotochikitty.com
Insert images: Gotochikitty.com