‘Tis the season to eat lots of spooky treats!

Now that we’re in September, the countdown to Halloween has begun. It also means the arrival of Ikea Japan’s annual Halloween Fair, where a variety of spooky yet delicious looking items go on sale in stores around Tokyo.

This year sees the return of some favourites from previous years, with a couple of new items to get shoppers in the mood for the spooky season. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer at Ikea’s restaurant!

One of the new items on the menu is the Halloween Pancake (700 yen [US$4.86]). The pancake comes with some chocolate sauce drizzled in the shape of a spider’s web, and on top of the pancake is plenty of whipped cream and berries, presumably representing blood that has come out of the finger shaped cookie on top of the pancake. Spooky!

Ikea Japan’s classic Halloween Donuts (220 yen) are back again this year, with white chocolate eyeballs in the middle. More favourites returning include the Bat in a Glass Cake (350 yen) — a chocolate brownie and whipped cream with berry sauce, with a bat cookie on the top — and a slice of Pumpkin Pie (390 yen). There’s also the Black Chiffon Cake (250 yen), which gets its colouring as it’s made with bamboo charcoal.

IKEA’s bistro area also has some spooky offerings, like this jet-black ice cream. Just from looking at it, it’s hard to ascertain what flavour it is, but as it’s called the Black Strawberry Soft Serve (150 yen), we can only assume there’s strawberry flavour hidden within the black, creamy depths somehow. Like the chiffon cake, this black ice cream is made using bamboo charcoal, and is sure to mess with your brain with each lick!

Also returning is the Ninja Hot Dog (300 yen), which is back after a six-year absence. It was hugely popular on social media when it was last sold; not only is it uniquely black (again, thanks to bamboo charcoal being kneaded in the dough) but the hot dog itself is a whopping 30 cm (11 inches) long, about twice the size of a regular hot dog. We’re not sure how you’d be as stealthy as a ninja with such a hefty length of meat, but we’re glad it’s back either way!

Much like how different houses give out different treats at Halloween, some of Ikea’s spooky sweets are only available at specific stores.
● Halloween Pancake: Available at Shibuya and Harajuku branches only
● Halloween Donuts: Available at all branches
● Bat in a Glass Cake: Available at Shibuya only
● Pumpkin Pie: Available at Shibuya and Shinjuku only
● Black Chiffon Cake: Available at Tokyo stores outside city center only

All items are scheduled to be on sale between now and October 31, but with the added condition of while supplies last, so be sure to get them while you still can!

Source, images: PR Times, Ikea
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