This cute clip is a perfect display of puppy love!

While most of us can only dream of spending our days wrapped up in little puppies, for one Japanese family it’s their everyday reality! It’s all thanks to Shi-chan and Fu-chan, a cute corgi duo who’ve brought litters of delightful little dogs into their loving family home.

Eight-year-old Shi-chan became a mother late last year, giving birth to five cute pups, one of which sadly passed away at four months of age after a long struggle with Hydrocephalus, or water on the brain.

This year, the house was filled with joy once more, when three-year-old Fu-chan gave birth to six healthy puppies.

▼ The pups have been together since they were born on 26 August this year.

The close-knit dog-and-human family know how to savour precious moments by playing with their brood, so when this cute video appeared online recently, people fell in love with it immediately. The six pups can’t contain their excitement at being able to jump all over their human on the floor!

While their human was just “playing dead” for the scene, it’s nice to know that the puppies were able to revive her with their wagging, white-tipped tails and enthusiastic kisses!

Here’s what Twitter users had to say about the cute clip, which has been retweeted more than 59,000 times.

“I am soooo jealous!”
“This is like heaven!”
“How adorable! I could watch this all day!”
“They’re so happy – look at their little tails going crazy!”
“I wish I could be buried under a pile of puppies like this!”

The owner showed her sense of humour by saying it was nice to know that if anything really bad had happened to her, the pups would simply treat her like a toy. Still, we can think of worse things than being smothered by adoring puppies!

Source: Twitter/@usamikun
Featured image: Twitter/@usamikun