The all-new Japanese-exclusive packages include limited-edition coloured chocolates that capture the spirit of Japan.

Any trip to Japan is bound to include a wish-list of cute and unusual must-buy items that can’t be found anywhere else. At the top of the list for many visitors, and their family and friends back home, are Japanese Kit Kats, with their variety of unique designs and flavours, but now Mars Japan is muscling in on the souvenir chocolate scene with a brand new take on their well-known M&M’s brand that travellers will find hard to resist.

The M&M’s Milk Chocolate Kimono features a gorgeous floral theme filled with images of blossoming sakura and falling sakura petals. On the outside of each box are two unique chocolate characters, with one dressed up as a Japanese princess, minus the kimono but with an intricate hair style and floral adornments, standing next to her proud father, who sports a neat top-knot.

▼ Inside the box is a unique combination of coloured M&M’s milk chocolates, featuring three traditional Japanese colours: Sakura Pink; Akabeni (pure crimson); and Yamabuki (a bright golden yellow).


The M&M’s Milk Chocolate Samurai comes in a blue-coloured box featuring images of Mt Fuji and samurai warrior armour. The two chocolate characters here are dressed up with a warrior helmet and a distinctive chonmage samurai topknot hairstyle.


▼ Inside this box is a beautiful-sounding colour combination of chocolates: Samurai Green; Mt Fuji Snow; and Mt Fuji Blue.03

The new Japanese-themed chocolates are the first in a lineup of locally exclusive M&M’s set to spread around the globe, with cities like New York, Las Vegas, Shanghai and London next in line to receive their own exclusive character-themed packages. Aimed at the tourist market, the M&M’s Milk Chocolate Samurai and Kimono boxes will contain 13 individually wrapped packages and retail for 1,300 yen (US$12.37). The unusual souvenirs go on sale from 4 November at the duty-free area inside Haneda International Airport.

Source, images: @Press