Who can resist scrumptious Oreo cookies, especially when they’re inscribed with our favorite Ghibli anime characters?

One clever creator has combined their love of Oreo cookies with an array of Ghibli Studio characters. By simply using a household toothpick Taste Made Japan has managed to craft some beautiful artwork into one of the most famous cookies in the world.

You can see the video here:

First off the cookie blocks we have perhaps the most famous of all Ghibli characters, Totoro. It may look like a simple design but it works to great effect. And besides, how detailed can one get with a toothpick and cookie cream?

Can you guess what character comes next?


It’s Porco Rosso from the 1992 adventure film of the same name. Porco Rosso is Italian for “red pig” but he still looks good in black and white.

The following carving may be a little harder to spot at first but it turns out to be Jiji, the talking black cat from the 1989 movie Kiki’s Delivery Service.

The next one may be my favorite: the makkuro kurosuke, or “soot sprites,” from My Neighbour Totoro (makkuro meaning “pitch black” and “-suke,” a common ending to a boy’s name, attached on to the word “kuro”, which means “black”).


The fifth character may be a little harder to figure out. That’s probably because it isn’t really a character but the symbol of the Laputa crest from the 1986 movie Castle in the Sky.


Last but not least we have No Face from the 2001 movie Spirited Away. The effect of the white cream and black cookie matches perfectly with the original character design.


Online commenters had the following to say about the video:

“Jiji! ❤ These are awesome!”
“Toothpick and Oreo cookie. Absolutely amazing!”
“Totoro and No Face are the cutest.”
“They’re all Ghibli – you’re really good!”

Perhaps Oreo may take up Taste Made Japan’s idea in an upcoming commercial.

You can also check out other recipes and tips for making Japanese food on the Taste Made Japan Youtube Channel.

Source: YouTube/TasteMadeJapan
Images: YouTube/TasteMadeJapan, Wikipedia/Alus~enwiki, Wikipedia/Moe Epsilon