Special exhibition looks back on the amazing depictions of food in Studio Ghibli’s anime films.

There are certain things audiences expect to see when they sit down to watch a movie from anime production house Studio Ghibli. Lushly illustrated scenery, nostalgic prop design, and plucky heroines have all become hallmarks of the Ghibli viewing experience.

Oh, and of course, mouth-wateringly illustrated depictions of food, crafted with as much passion and care as studio founder Hayao Miyazaki puts into the drawings of his beloved flying machines.

Ghibli food has become a cultural phenomenon in Japan, causing fans to not only salivate over the anime edibles but discuss their inspirations and try to recreate them in the real world. Now, things are coming full circle, as the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo will be starting a new exhibition looking back on the most famous food-related scenes from its films.

The exhibition, called Drawing Eating, will showcase moments such as when Castle in the Sky’s Sheeta and Pazu shared a meal of toast with fried eggs, as well as Spirited Away’s Chihiro shedding tears while eating the rice ball given to her by her mysterious friend Haku. In addition to artwork used in the finished films, production materials and background artwork will also be on display, along with notes and explanations on the techniques the animators used to achieve the desired emotional and storytelling effects.

But a literally bigger treat is the life-sized reproduction of the kitchen from young sisters Mei and Satsuki’s country home in My Neighbor Totoro, which will also be part of the exhibit. It’s not the only classic Ghibli cooking space visitors can see either, as there will also be a recreation of the kitchen from Laputa’s Tiger Moth pirate airship. While fans won’t actually be able to cook anything, it still should be an enchanting opportunity to see the Ghibli world cross over with our own, and if you get hungry, the museum does have an on-site cafe (which serves Valley of the Wind Beer, no less).

Drawing Eating begins on May 27, and is scheduled to run until May of next year.

Museum information
Ghibli Museum / 三鷹の森ジブリ美術館
Address: Tokyo-to, Mitaka-shi, Shimorenjaku 1-1-83
Open 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Source: Ghibli Museum via IT Media
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