Could this be the long lost brother of Mr. Bean, Mr. Natto?

Who could ever forget Rowan Atkinson’s portrayal of childlike character Mr. Bean back in the 1990s? The British sitcom featured the mishaps of a bumbling buffoon, which quickly became a hit due to its utter lack of dialogue to deliver simple, yet incredibly humorous narratives.

Paying homage to Mr. Bean and perhaps even Charlie Chaplin, Japanese YouTuber Tan successfully recreated the essence of speechless, physical comedy in videos last year using just a few props and a laugh track. Starring a stern-looking Mr. Tarn (Tan’s alter-ego), our protagonist enters his dilapidated room, only to find that the sound effects in his world has gone all topsy-turvy.

▼ A world where sound effects have gone wild

▼ Mr. Tarn listening to his moaning pen

▼ Mr. Tarn calls the police and blasts an anime’s
catchphrase into the phone using his guitar.

Tan also has another video where he battles a ferocious level 99 fly while suffering from a bad case of hemorrhoids.

▼ Watch Mr. Tarn get assaulted by a bloodthirsty fly.

Reactions from Japanese netizens have been positive:

“A Japanese Mr. Bean is just priceless. Please upload more videos!”
“The room’s dirty, but it’s so interesting.”
“I love it!”
“I was seriously laughing out loud. That was delightful!”
“I’ve re-watched this several times now and I burst out laughing every time. I love Mr. Bean so this really hits the spot.”

It’s been 22 years since the last Mr. Bean episode, and we’re sure many readers out there are hoping for more of its kind. While Tan is still far from being hailed as the next Mr. Bean, his performance reminds us of a certain pantomiming duo. We’re not complaining though, give us more!

Source: YouTube/たんのネタ tube via JAPAN kyo
Images: YouTube/たんのネタ tube