These kitty mittens want, and not totally have, everyone’s attention.

Admit it, cat lovers. Every time you feign frustration about your kitty getting in the way of you and your home office equipment or personal electronics, deep down inside you’re actually happy, aren’t you? The unabashed play for attention is proof positive that you and your feline share a deep bond, and that the love for your pet is appreciated and reciprocated.

So Felissimo, Japan’s leading supplier of cat-themed lifestyle goods (including underwear), has taken that heartwarming situation and turned it into a way to keep your hands warm too, with its new line of Nuisance Cat (Jama Neko in Japanese) Mittens.

A follow-up to Felissimo’s previous cat gloves, the Nuisance Cat series amplifies the cuteness by putting the kitty’s likeness on the palm of your hand, not the back. That way when you’re gripping your smartphone, your animal buddy is staring straight at you with eyes that say, “Yeah, all your high-tech gadgets are nice and all, but have you noticed how awesome I am?” The thumb portion is touchscreen compatible, and the pattern is positioned so that as you swipe the cat’s paw appears to be waving back and forth to pull your eyes towards it instead of the screen.

The portion of the polyester/polyurethane glove (which is sized as a woman’s medium/large) that covers your non-thumb digits can be folded back if you want to use those fingers to tap the screen, and once again the clever design means that even then the kitty is ready to lock eyes with you.

Unlike many of Felissimo’s products, in which customers receive one of a number of designs at random, you can pick which of the three Nuisance Cats you want, with your choices being silver tabby…

…brown tabby…

…and calico.

The Nuisance Cat Mittens can be ordered here directly from Felissimo, priced at 4,295 yen (US$39), a portion of which will be donated to cat welfare activities.

Source: Felissimo via IT Media
Top image: Felissimo
Insert images: YouTube/krasofeli, Felissimo

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