Makes us wonder why other space museums aren’t doing this.

Japan boasts a long list of wonderful museums that’ll pique your curiosity, and there’s nothing quite like walking into a space museum to learn about our solar system and discover the cosmos.

TeNQ is one such space museum located in Tokyo Dome City, and they’ve collaborated with Sailor Moon to inject some magical fun into a unique exhibit lasting from 15 December to 15 April next year.

▼ In the name of the Moon, they will enlighten you!

The exhibit is called Over The Sailor Moon, which lets visitors peek into the world of the iconic anime series and learn about the intimate relationship between various Sailor Scouts from an astronomical perspective.

Broken down into five themes filled with ancient myths of the celestial bodies, photography spots are also set up to immerse you in the era of the Silver Millennium (a period of peace in the solar system long ago), in full view of the legendary Moon Kingdom. Visitors can also draw their favorite Sailor Moon characters and write personalized messages, all to be hung up in a corner dedicated to the series.

A wide variety of original Sailor Moon goods are also available, ranging from tote bags to stylish bookmarks. Those with a soft spot for limited-edition goods can look forward to getting white-chocolate-flavored space food or a beautiful necklace using Neo-Queen Serenity’s tiara as a motif, though these only come with early bird ticket sales.

Pricing details and more information can be found on the TeNQ website, and we highly recommend fans of the series to give it a whirl. And while you’re at it, why not join the Pretty Guardians and sign up for the official Sailor Moon fan club?

Source: TeNQ via ITmedia
Featured image: Twitter/@sailormoon_25th