Tokyo’s first sushi cake specialty store opens in Japan

A unique way to celebrate a special occasion.

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Sushi birthday cake turns out to be the best present our reporter could’ve ever asked for

With this “jewellery box of the sea”, birthday dinner and dessert is sorted in one meal.

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What day of the year has the most anime character birthdays? This heat map has the answer

A pattern emerges in how creators pick characters’ birthday dates, with one day in particular being a major cluster.

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Japanese Kit Kats now come with edible birthstones

Take a peek inside this month’s exclusive Kit Kat birthstone box.

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Japan’s floral birthday crests now available as beautiful personalized seals

Full array of 366 hana komon, each with its own associated meaning and symbolism, is on offer.

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Ivanaka Trump posts photo of Filipino snack at daughter’s birthday party, confuses the Internet

There’s definitely something confusing here, but it’s not the food….

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Hana Komon: Japan’s beautiful, samurai-style floral birthday crests

These emblems are more personal than a birthstone, and more inclusive than the family crests of Japan’s noble houses.

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Number fortune-telling: What your birth date can tell you about your own shortcomings

In order to change yourself for the better, one Japanese website is offering a simple way to identify your own faults based on your date of birth.

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Japanese meat-lovers celebrating their birthdays with crazy literal beefcakes

Let’s play a little word association game. When I say “birthday,” what’s the next word that comes to mind?

For everyone who said “suit,” well, we’ve always suspected that at least a handful of people at any given moment are reading RocketNews24 while completely nude. Still, I’m guessing that far more of you thought of birthday parties and birthday cakes, which tend to go hand in hand. But what do you make the centerpiece of your birthday celebration edibles if sweets aren’t your thing?

Simple: you get a cake made of meat, like these carnivorous Japanese citizens.

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