You’ll never have any need for a jack-in-the-box with this cute cat and a flip-lid trash receptacle!

If you’re a cat owner you might call your cat all manner of things, ranging from the doting (“Who’s a fluffy little sweetheart?”) to the affectionately insulting (“You’re a trash baby, yes you are.”).

So today, we at SoraNews24 would like to treat you to an actual trash baby. This video, uploaded to Twitter by cute animal aggregate account @GY18164253, shows a cute fluffy grey who’s got a dynamic way of saying hello..

After a couple of taps the trash can gives birth to an entire fluffy bundle of kitteny goodness, who blinks in astonishment before tumbling back into the garbage. Don’t fret, though – another round of tapping summons the kitty right back!

In the replies, commenters hastened to post reminiscent images. Do you remember this cute coin bank that was all the rage a few years ago?

▼ It’s about time we got a remake based on the flip bin in the video instead of a tangerine box.

And apparently the grey kitty in the video isn’t the only one hanging out with the potato peelings and fish bones.

There’s little as fun as watching the cat’s stunned face as it springs out of the bin, so thank goodness a smart Twitter user recorded a special “highlight reel” of the event.

Of all the places we’d expect to see a cat, this is definitely in the top five – alongside a filled bathtub, chilling with dogs, apartments with no-pets clauses or a Buddhist altar.

Source: Twitter/@GY18164253 via Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@GY18164253

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