What better way to start the day than by chasing your butt in a circle?

Mameko Mamekichi is an online cartoonist who shares her daily trials and tribulations of being a NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training). In her funny, unflattering cartoons she details relatable experiences like being unable to leave the cozy duvet coccoon in her bed, trying to up her make-up game and of course, playing lots of video games.

But one thing that sets Mameko’s comics apart from the crowd is that she features her numerous pets, from her big faithful dog Komachi to her newest acquisition, a stray kitty called Tabby. Tabby found herself the subject of some clumsy viral fame of her own after Mameko posted this video:

“This cat just noticed her tail out of nowhere one day. *shrug*”

Tabby certainly does take her time noticing her tail, but once she does she bounces on it, kicks it viciously with her tiny feet, and then swerves into a dramatic series of twirls and spins while she tries to win dominance over this alien part of her own body. Her tail is pretty long for a cat of her size, so no wonder she’s so entranced by it!

At the end of the video, Mameko’s older sister can be heard saying “Tabby, that’s YOUR tail.” Immediately afterwards, Tabby slinks towards the camera, as though a little embarrassed by her moment of wild tail-induced frenzy.

Tabby’s stylings earned her heaps of praise:

“From 20 seconds to 26 seconds, she’s breakdancing!”
“Tabby’s got some really good moves!”
“Is this like that trick where you put a cucumber behind a cat? Please put a cucumber behind her.”
“She’s better at breakdancing than I am.”

Someone even went to the effort of turning Tabby into a posing, flexing JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure cat, by pairing her with the viral ending credits’ animation and theme.

▼ I’ll be the roundabout/ The words will make you out ‘n out♪


Peek into the replies and you’ll even see a bonus cat! This guy seems a lot less energetic about batting his tail than Tabby, though.

You’re probably in the mood for even more cat shenanigans, in which case you should head over to the Tokyo Hotel’s cat exhibit – or at least our article on it. And Starbucks has the perfect line-up of tumblers this year, too!

Source: Twitter/@mamekichirou via Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@mamekichirou
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